School Fees

School fees for our Catholic co-educational primary school (inclusive of Kindergarten to Year 6) are payable four times per year and are mostly allocated to general administrative costs.  An account will be sent out in Week 3 of each term and will have a due date included (usually four weeks later).  Instalment plans are available and if any parent has difficulty with payments please discuss the matter with the Principal.  Any amount may be paid at any time.  Direct debit and internet banking are also available. The school provides all stationery for each child as part of the school fees.

No. of ChildrenPer TermPer Year

NB: The School budget is formulated at the end of November each year.  As a result, School fees may be subject to a slight increase based on these budgetary figures and recommendations from the School Board.  The Education CPI is 6% and is used as a guide to formulate the increase.