St Joseph’s Primary School

St Joseph’s School is a co-educational Catholic Primary School.

St Joseph’s School in Glen Innes was founded by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart to provide quality Catholic Primary for boys and girls. The school works in active partnership with St Patrick’s Catholic Parish Community to grow and nurture the faith, learning and positive well-being outcomes for our children.

As the first educators of their children, our parents work in mutual partnership with the teaching and support staff to ensure every child is future-proofed for positive life outcomes both in and beyond school.

Our teams of skilful helpful adults have a universal and unconditional positive regard for children and young people and a high regard for the collective capacity of a school staff team to increase learning, wellbeing and life-opportunity outcomes for children and young people.

Join our families, parish and staff in working happily together in partnership to make our good school – great!